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innovation numérique enjeu clé de l'assurance

White paper PAC Effisoft – Digital innovation, key insurance issue


Pierre Audouin Consultants and Effisoft publish a white paper called Digital innovation, key insurance issue for 2020. Read the synthesis on Jinnbee.

insurtech book

The insurtech book – 1. An insurtech definition as its own manifesto


If there is one work that has raised lots of comments in recent months, it is the collective book ” The insurtech book” ! Initiated by Susanne Chishti (Fintech Circle), Sabine Vanderlinden ( Startupbootcamp Insurtech ), Shan M. Millie and

UBS insurtech shifting asia

UBS Insurtech Shifting Asia report sept. 2017


In late 2017, the Chief Investment Officer of UBS published a report “ UBS insurtech Shifting Asia ” (Original landing page here). I propose here a statement of key points, and what to remember. Key points to remember about UBS

revue de presse du 17 avril 2018

Press review of January 30th 2018


Here is a little overview of articles that caught my attention and deserve to appear in the press review of January 30th 2018! Astonishing experimentation of CPAM Links: The original article on The express , which raised lots of reactions,

4P's of insurtechs

Matteo Carbone – 4P’s of insurtechs


Matteo Carbone is an opinion leader in the insurtech industry today as one of the most prominent on the market. He created the Connected Insurance Observatory, an international working group, first in Europe, then in North America, dedicated to insurtechs.

6 topics for 2018

Innovation Insurance – My 6 topics for 2018


As it is frequent at the beginning of the year, I too will fall into the game of predictions for the coming year. With my 6 topics for 2018, here are the 6 points that I think will be 2018