Tractable and claims pictures analysis

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I recently had the opportunity to meet twice (DIA Amsterdam and Connected claims Nexus) Adrien Cohen, president of Tractable, specialized in the analysis of photos of the claim. This is an opportunity to present their solution in more detail.

Value proposal of de Tractable

Tractable offers to analyze photos of the claim to automatically assess the amount of damage and repairs. A video is better than a long speech, discover their demo below.


The possibility is now open to drastically accelerate the disaster process. Indeed, obtaining the damage assessment in a few moments makes it easier for the advisor to choose how to handle a claim. Artificial intelligence then makes it possible to complete the employee’s decision-making process, without taking away his or her role!

To go further

If you are interested in the value proposal of Tractable, you could as well have a look at the French Fotonower or to this article. Tractable is part of our claimstechs study.

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Tractable and claims pictures analysis

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