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Services : the true value of insurance ?

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With the tension on prices and low rates, the value is no longer in the insurance product but it can be shifted into additional services! Yes, but not just any way, or at any price! Which service strategy to deploy for the insurance players?

A service useful for the insured

 The good moment…

There are still too many insurance players who put forward and claim an army of services and partners, accessible to their clients. But these, the day they might be concerned do not always have the reflex to go to the page of their client area that summarizes all This! This is why all insurers make a finding: the utilization rate is minimal!

Thus, it is about being able to be accessible when the customer needs it. A minimum, in demand from the client, but it is even better by anticipating! For example, by detecting home leaks through connected objects or Grohe‘s solution, the insurer can offer help before the insured becomes aware of his or her need.

…For the good service

However, we must offer the good service of course! We will privilege here an editorial choice among all possibilities. Better a single service than a multitude. More exactly, a service per persona, individualized and personalized, as its name suggests.

This will be less time consuming and complex to negotiate and ultimately more effective and relevant.

Services useful for insurance players

Most insurers now have a very strong partnership departments! Too bad it is not a direction of customer needs or moments of life! Customer orientation can also be reflected in organizational charts!

In short, the additional service, besides being useful to the insured, must be also for the insurer! But what are the needs of the insurer? Acquire new customers, keep existing ones and retain those who want to leave! (All while remaining profitable of course!)
Thus, any service should be selected for its ability to meet one of these needs.

In acquisition, we can convince with a trendy or differentiating service on the market. Lemonade or Luko highlight the charities. Why not partnerships with social phenomena: netflix, yuka, pokemon, etc. We can overflow the pure service but be careful, the insurer must always be perceived as legitimate on this proposal.

In loyalty, we will aim comfort or a little more, as a hug, that we add in the life of the insured to promote his well being.

In retention, it will probably require a larger investment. It will always be cheaper than a new customer. We can play on novelty or innovation, the exceptional side, VIP, that we do not offer to everyone.

I do not give too many examples otherwise you would not need me anymore! Remember that with 1600 identified startups in the world, I have some ideas then, meet us!

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A service useful for the employee

Finally, and perhaps the most important, the service can be useful to the collaborator. And through him, a recovery of the customer relationship. InFrance,, The CCSF has clearly re-called cold calls: customers do not want it anymore! Moreover, the collaborators do not like to be put on the nose either all day long!

And if we used this service strategy for the employee to feel useful. That he rediscovers the sense of customer service that he has sometimes lost a bit (except at the time of the disaster where employees are generally small onions everywhere). That would be a tripling win.

An exemple

The birth of a child is in a couple an extremely sensitive moment. The customer relations department, or the agency / distributor could be strengthened in its role by being in charge of calling each couple 3 or 4 weeks after the birth. This call of courtesy would be the occasion of a point of contact to propose to the mother a care, a session of physio or a massage.

This can be free, paying with a negotiated rate or supported in the contract. Nothing more at this moment which must remain out of any commercial step.

However, a few months later, a calmer call to offer disability insurance, because the insured becomes more relaxed, will be all the more accepted that we know it to be the selfless when necessary.

Insurance services are a real driver of development and a potential growth or profitability driver. Only one question remains: what do you need your customers? We are talking about it ?

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Services : the true value of insurance ?

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