Quantolio and predictive modelling

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On the sidelines of the Paris Fintech Forum, I had the opportunity to meet some Canadian startups. And this thanks to one of my clients and the Quebec Chamber of Commerce, whom I thank very much!

I then had the opportunity to meet Amine El Kaouachi, CEO of Quantolio. It is a startup dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence and predictive models in life insurance and financial investments. This is an opportunity to present their solution in more detail.

Quantolio’s value proposition

Quantolio applies predictive models to advanced issues related to financial investments, with in particular three interesting feedbacks:

  • Optimal Asset Allocation recommendation system that provides action signals  from market information, leading to a substantial improvement in Sharpe ratio
  • Optimization of process and workflow by implementing an order processing automation tool
  • Implementation of a pricing solution around Bloomberg data to achieve 20% savings!

In short, the possibilities are very varied, but what makes Quantolio strong is its expertise in this type of market.


From an insurance point of view, Quantolio will be able to convince investment management, quantitative and fundamental research team to include novel AI-driven solutions in their portfolio construction process. The teams brings together the know how in data science and technology combined with a deep expertise in financial markets and risk management Indeed, if the technology used is now common and mastered by many players, expertise on the financial markets is rarer. Which means that the conjunction of the two deserves special attention.

This solution is also reminiscent of the Wealth Cockpit approach, which we have already echoed here. Synergies between them are surely possible!

To go further

If you want to work on your own needs or be put in touch with Quantolio, leave me a message!

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Quantolio and predictive modelling

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