Past, present, future, and call for writers!

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First and foremost, I wish you all a happy new year 2018!

When I launched this blog in May 2017, I did not know what effort it would ask me or what interest it would arouse!

The holiday season was for me an opportunity to make a break, a report on the work done, and the follow-up.

After a little more than 8 months, I have the same answer for the 2 questions: important effort, but important interest (at least, that’s what the attendance statistics tell me!).

Through a hundred articles, digital meetings have been numerous, some have been transformed into exciting contacts, in real life or by telephone for the farthest (London, Houston, and even Silicon Valley).

In short, my MVP has worked well, it’s time to structure it!


If I want to follow my ambition, I would like to structure my work on the following topics:

  • A more regular relay of the important watch that I’m doing, probably in the form of a unique weekly summary article, because the activity of the press is very strong in France and especially internationally. I will also relay more podcasts, because some are very good (I think of 11fs or Spot on Insurance).
  • Continue reading / synthesis / translation of market reports
  • Propose more comprehensive articles / interviews / opinions on market solutions and insurtechs. I met a lot of actors, it would be a pity that they do not find here a more important place!
  • Give my opinion: I obviously already make a sort of editorial choice in my relays, but I have noticed in recent months that the articles that have been most widely read are those in which I have committed myself more personally, in positive criticism. or negative. I have an opinion and convictions on this sector, I will not put it forward anymore.
  • Continue the effort on the panorama of insurtechs: There are today a hundred referenced start-ups, and at least as many are on the waiting list (which is useless!), I will correct that.

I still maintain my demand for independence.

5 themes, 5 days in the week, it feels a certain regularity to set up with 1 day, 1 theme, 1 article. Ambitious ? Yes ! Sustainable? Hmm, let’s say yes!

Calling Editors!

As there are 2 days left in the week, I propose to open this blog to any article proposal. So, if you are a start-up, consultant (independent or employed), broker, agent, distributor, insurer, employee, director, engineer, ingenious , technician, student or even customer, if you are in France or abroad, and you have something to say about the transformation of the insurance market, contact me! Note: I do not have a budget to pay for this type of activity, but you’ll obviously sign with your own name.

Startups, a different proposition!

Dear friends, former colleagues, knowledge of the world of innovation in insurance, you obviously have things to say, but for those who wish, I propose another form. Contact me to talk about it!

Service offers

My job is to be a consultant! I have tried so far not to highlight my services, simply because I had not structured my thinking on the subject. This is starting to be the case, and you will see appearing in the coming weeks my proposals for intervention, because I think I can accompany you in your choices and your steps of innovation.

Finally, knowledge can have no price, this blog will thus remain of course free for the moment. However, it has a cost, which is my job, too, if you like it, I invite you to share it on social networks or to think to contact me for your next mission ;-)!

See you soon


Past, present, future, and call for writers!