90 days with telematics in car

NEWS – 90 days with telematics in car – 2017, August 28th

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Source : InsNerds – My 90 days with telematics in car – August 28, 2017 – Antonio Canas

Key Points / Highlights:

  • Liberty Mutual offers insurance in the United States based on an embedded connected object (telematics) </ li>
  • It proposes a 5% reduction to encourage this offer, then after a program of 90 days of control of the driving, a reduction of up to 15% on the premium
  • The object tracks journeys and driving behavior, gives you tips to improve it and tells you at any time, via the smartphone application the% reduction you can expect.
  • The app also includes most of the other features associated with this genre ‘ objects. For example:
    • Vehicle Location
    • Automatic warning of help in case of accidents
    • Vehicle Control Messages
    • Connectivity with many other market applications.
  • Result: after 90 days of trial, the author indicates to have secured a 9% reduction. Liberty mutual leaves him the object to continue to use it, but will not track his driving behavior.

Overall, I’m happy with the reduction, very happy to be able to keep the object and to be able to continue to “play” with! “- Antonio Canas, co-founder InsNerds

Read the full article on InsNerds .

When is the mass development of this type of approach in France? Contact me to work on this topic together!

NEWS – 90 days with telematics in car – 2017, August 28th

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