Monuma – an expert in your pocket

I recently had the opportunity to meet Emmanuel Moyrand, CEO of Monuma, specialized in value goods expertise and tracability. It is the opportunity to present more in detail their solutions.

Value proposition of Monuma

Monuma offers several services

  • Value goods estimation, directly through the smartphone, thanks to a blockchain certificate
  • Before / After expertise thanks to photos and certificates stored in the blockchain in order to be a proof in case of claims

Besides, Monuma works a lot in partnerships with other startups, in synergies, according to the motto: stronger together!

They actually built offers with Moonshot Internet (for the loss of luggage), and with Securkeys/Moonshot Internet for the loss of keys. The also partnered with 5 other startups in the WealthCockpit, one of the first startup synergies in France, dedicated to private banking.


Their solution is one of the few relevant usecases of blockchain for insurance.

It is a perfect additional service which may be really useful to improve claims process by prooving a perfect prior knowledge of the risk covered. Besides, it can also avoid fraud notices of loss.

It then enables to know properly the value of goods in the patrimony of a single person, and then think about upsell/cross-sell adapted products. It is a perfect way to capture data about his money, and then better know your customer.

Let’s discover below the full video of the interview of Emmanuel Moyrand.

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Monuma – an expert in your pocket

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