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I had the opportunity last September to meet Mathieu Riquier, sales director of, in a context of remote consultation development in France.

Mesdocteurs Proposal

The current and future development of remote consultation opens a new way of thinking about the evolution of traditional GP consultation. ( Note: If you would like to know more, I will be selling soon a comprehensive study on e-Health ). offers a questions and answers platform with professional, general or specialist physicians. The point is thus to get on the market of:

  • Simple consultations that would be avoided otherwise
  • The medical follow-up of the patient, since he has seen his doctor and just needs a prescription renewal for example </ li>
  • Consultations that would not have taken place: rather than visiting websites with sometimes relative reliability, it is preferable to question directly a professional

The platform Mesdocteurs therefore works as a remote consulting system, by the minute or the question. Funding may be done by the insured or included by his complementary insurer.

300 doctors are now available to organize a full 24/7 service, and they are paid by the question.


The opening of the support of the remote consultation by the French Social Security opens an interesting market for the development of Mesdocteurs . Indeed, as they already have a network of doctors and a technological platform, it is enough ( note: I measure all the complexity that lies behind the term “enough”! ) to provide doctors with video material to allow them to go further in the consultation when the questions are more complex.

It is interesting to note here that the proposal of Mesdocteurs goes further than simple digitization. It’s about reinventing the underlying business process to see what technology can bring!

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