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Jinnbee partners with Insurtech Latam Forum

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After its first customers abroad, Jinnbee continues its internationalization! We are delighted to be among the first supporters of the Insurtech Latam Forum, which will be held on March 27 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Those who follow me and know me know my interest in this part of the world! It turns out that on the insurance and innovation side, many movements are underway. This first high-profile event organized there will feature some of the best speakers from the Latin American region. Note the moderation of the first round table by Hugues Bertin, founder of Digital Insurance Latam, and one of my privileged contacts on the spot.

Words of the organizers

We are launching this new event on the market and our goal is to always improve the customer experience. Our ambition is to offer new opportunities to those who make innovation a priority in their development. This is what we call a “Collaborative Insurtech Ecosystem”, an environment in which traditional actors and innovation leaders come together to move forward hand in hand, without limits.

The insurtech Latam Forum is a bridge between these two worlds, that of insurance and that of innovation, with a particular focus on improving the services offered to policyholders. To do this, we have solicited the main referents, at national, regional and even global level, in order to make this event a starting point towards a real transformation of the insurance market.

To subscribe…

You’ll find below a direct link towards the subscription form, with a discount code. Enjoy your event!

Jinnbee partners with Insurtech Latam Forum

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