ICMC20 – UnipolSai and telematics

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Norberto Odorico, Claims director of Unipolsai gave an insteresting presentation on telematics during l’Insurance Claims Management Conference in Prague in January 2020. This italian company has more than 15 years of experience on telematics. Such a return is very rich in lessons! What can we learn from it?

Some figures around telematic claims at UnipolSai

  • I have long been convinced that the Italian market was more favorable than the others thanks to significant margins, but the combined ratio in cars is around 102%. This makes it a market comparable to neighboring countries, including France … The following is therefore applicable!
  • In 2019, more than 40% of UnipolSai’s auto contracts are equipped with a telematic blackbox
  • UnipolSai notes that its payment times are shorter than for the rest of the market. In addition, the amounts paid are 9% less than the market on material claims and 28% less on the tangible. The explanations provided place telematics as a major argument.
  • € 100m investment between 2016-2018 to strengthen the Unico portal, the heart of the company’s reactor.

Modeling of bodily injury claims

UnipolSai used the data from nearly 300,000 bodily injury claims for a new analysis. The aim was to establish correlations between the power of the shock (thanks to telematic data) and the violence of the injuries observed by experts. This allows them to make this information available to experts, expert doctors or any other third party to quickly assess the fair amount to be paid. The model takes particular account of the position of the injured person: driver or passenger.

unipolsai sinistres corporels

Automation of the claims process by Unipolsai

The presentation made by Norberto Odorico details the automated disaster management process thanks to the capture of telematic data.

unipolsai unico
unipolsai sinistres

To go further

Find the full presentation of Unipolsai on the telematics below.

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We can also work together on your positioning on the market with regard to on-board telematics.

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ICMC20 – UnipolSai and telematics

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