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Growth Hacking for insurance by Jinnbee

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In the wake of digital marketing, practices have changed in terms of winning customers. Startups have introduced new “growth activation” models. With insurtechs, we are talking now about growth hacking for insurance! However, these subjects, techniques and tools are still poorly known by the insurance industry. That’s why Jinnbee, strengthen by several partners now offers you a dedicated offer to these questions, whatever your size. A short tour!

An essential need

Behind Growth Hacking for Insurance, there is a set of fairly clear needs. They can be summarized in several key points:

  • Be visible on the web and social networks, which refers to the old and well-known definition of notoriety, spontaneous or assisted. It also refers to the concept of branding. In other words, is your brand known and recognized!
  • Generate traffic and get the most qualified prospects possible. This is to ensure that digital tools can bring you prospects for your business
  • Maximize Online Transformation: In other words, ensure that a prospect who has qualified will end up actually subscribing.
  • To a lesser extent, participate in retaining and retaining your policyholders or better understand online behavior to anticipate needs.

About 5% of insurance contracts are signed online today in France (a little higher in some countries). However, all actors, startups and large groups, perceive the relevance of improving their online presence and visibility and using these tools correctly!

A clear and efficient offer of Growth Hacking for insurance industry

With this in mind, Jinnbee now offers a unique intervention offering: the application of Growth Hacking techniques for insurance!

More concretely, what does it consist of, and what can Jinnbee do for me! We can put a little order in several concepts related to digital marketing, which are not always very clear, such as:

  • Referencing: what should we do? SEO, SEA, SMO, or more generally SEM? More or less targeted advertising, outbound marketing or inbound marketing? Pillar content / topic cluster, isolated article around a keyword or white paper? In short, how to make sure that we put all effective means to be visible at lower cost by his prospect / client
  • Transformation: Once on your site, your visitor / prospect must be supported and understood! The popups at the exit intent work well but is it the right one and the only solution. Then, with a little marketing automation if necessary, push him the right information or the right content to trigger the act of purchase.
  • Finally, influence marketing thanks to Jinnbee’s recognized expert status on insurance innovation issues.

These techniques really work for everyone who exploits them. But Jinnbee’s insurance business expertise enhances the relevance of this positioning, particularly with regard to regulatory constraints! Indeed, GDPR, IDD, Solvency 2 or even the last discussions around distance selling are all topics on which a professional expert’s view will be relevant.

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Growth Hacking for insurance by Jinnbee

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