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Gras Savoye – Insurance markets 2019

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As every year, Gras Savoye publiched in Septembre its “trends study 2018: insurance markets 2019“. For the record, we published in 2017 a reading of the previous one. It is always a document of quality which makes it possible to enlighten the tendencies of the market by a reference actor. Like last year, it is not relevant here to summarize the entire report, because you will find pages already summarized for each business according to your needs, but here are some key points that I want to learn from this reading.

Insurance markets 2019

Some key take-aways:

  • Prevention issues are still at the heart of the news. The issue of risk visits is still relevant as well (which is good for Optivvia), including, and it’s new, around cyber risk.
  • French Insured vehicle file opens new perspectives in motor insurance
  • An interesting focus on social responsibility, discrimination, harassment, or in the wake of #metoo scandals.
  • A vision (which I share) and which imposes itself on the health side, with three levels of coverage: a minimum basket of care under the ANI, a complementary contract in the nails of the responsible contract and finally over-complementary for get a real full coverage.

If you want to go further

Eventually, if you liked, you can read again last year version or Geneva Association article (or more generally all of their publications).

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Gras Savoye – Insurance markets 2019

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