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EPA – Be insured in 2030 – A. Benhenni – Rethinking business

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The Ecole Polytechnique d’Assurance (EPA) has mobilized nearly fifty insurance experts to propose a prospective white paper “Being insured in 2030”“. These experts come from the traditional world of companies, research or startups, which gives us a 360° vision of what could become of this profession. I propose to give you a summary of these articles in the coming weeks. Let’s begin today with the first article from Amine Benhenni, entitled “Rethinking business of insurance in the wake of the digital and industrial revolutions”.

Rethinking business

repenser le métier

This short article contains some important topics to keep in mind
  • The rise of the smartphone in our consumption and our uses
  • Measure more to know better   : yes, but what for  ?
    • Better provision for risk, especially when it comes to driving and vehicles that are becoming more and more connected
    • The quantified self : for obtaining indicators concerning the human
  • A fleet of connected machines (robots, tools, applications, etc. ) increasingly developed by an industry in full renewal
  • A 4th industrial revolution to come, as a control end-to-end of the chain of production and value. It is a paradigm shift in the industry, especially in the place of man and the way of producing. What applies to the industry also applies to services.
  • Quality control with risk reduction at all levels, and in parallel, the emergence of new risks such as cyber or digital risks
In this extremely moving context, the insurer must rethink business ! He must at once
  • Become a privileged partner of the actors of the data to be associated with the big tendencies
  • Continue to cover the risk
  • Provide services and support, become a partner in creating value
Finally, it must adopt or rather strengthen an ethical practice of its activity, as focused on the daily lives of its insured as the long-term.

Key take-aways of “Rethinking business”

This text is really short, even too short, We would have appreciated to come into more prospective. If you too want a prospective vision more detailed, feel free to read (or re-read) this article on digital disruption in insurane by McKinsey.

With no doubt, next articles of “Being insured in 2030” will detail more this content. If you want to follow next publications, let’s register to the newsletter.

EPA – Be insured in 2030 – A. Benhenni – Rethinking business

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