reconnaissance vocale Zelros DIA Munich 2019

DIA Munich 2019 – Zelros voice recognition

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Christophe Bourguignat, the founder of Zelros, is becoming well known. After a fundraising of 4million euros to highlight the augmented insurer, the company continues to grow. Offices have opened in Munich, where Zelros presented its solution at DIA Munich on November 20th, 2019. Find the video of this presentation, which presents Zelros voice recognition!

A novelty to note: Zelros is now able to record the conversation on the phone and propose in real time personalized recommendations based on the elements provided by the insured. In the video above, you will see how, when Christophe speaks of children, the engine recognizes that the insured is not fully covered for his family and offers a suitable insurance product! Zelros voice recognition just exploits the potential of natural language processing!

Zelros voice recognition, an excellent and relevant solution to increase the conversion rate.

Let’s analyze your needs together to make the best use of all facets of insurance innovation in your processes.

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DIA Munich 2019 – Zelros voice recognition

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