Comfiz and AI for green investment

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On the sidelines of the Paris Fintech Forum, I had the opportunity to meet some Canadian startups, thanks to one of my clients and the Quebec Chamber of Commerce, whom I thank very much! So I had the chance to meet David Collin, business developer at Comfiz, specializing in artificial intelligence. This is an opportunity to present their solution in more detail.

Value proposition of Comfiz

Comfiz is an artificial intelligence solution, like many others. They work in particular on a principle of recommendation engines. More specifically, and this is where the Comfiz proposal becomes differentiating, they have built a recommendation engine dedicated to green investments. It’s not about greenwashing! On the contrary, it is a question of allowing a better analysis of the data of the companies in which to invest according to a certain number of elements, and in particular:

  • the company’s activity sector
  • company comparisons against peers
  • a focus on improving impact
  • Control of the whole (known) chain of suppliers

Thus, Efiane (this is the name of the product) makes it possible to assign a score to each company and therefore to orient investment choices.


The scope of green investments is booming, with in particular so-called SRI or Responsible funds. However, the fear of greenwashing is strong. This means to display as green investments that are actually not in order to fraudulently attract funds. Being able to have traceability of company data and a score would make it possible to complete the principle of CSR reports published at the end of the year by companies.

Find the full presentation of the Ifeane product offered by Comfiz:

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To go further

If you are interested in Comfiz’s value proposition, please let me know, I will put you in touch with them.

Otherwise, there is in France, the Deecisions solution (article to follow, but in the meantime, find it within the WealthCockpit), which works on the same principle of monitoring and analysis of company data. Also to explore!

We can work together to define your use cases and consider how you could use these types of solutions in your context.

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Comfiz and AI for green investment

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