world insurance report 2019

CapGemini EFMA – World insurance report 2019

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CapGemini et EFMA have just published their latest “World Insurance Report 2019“, also known as WIR2019! As usual, it is a dive into market trends at the international level, always interesting to look at. In the meantime, a detailed reading and synthesis, here are some key points.

Key take aways of World Insurance Report 2019

3 essential points to remember:

  • Customers are not enough protected from emerging risks
world insurance report 2019
world insurance report 2019
  • Works of insurers are not aligned with customers expectations!
world insurance report 2019
  • Customers are ready to share data for a better risk management and prevention services. They would even be ready to pay for it!

Eventually, the insurer is supposed to become (better late than never!) the partner of customer’s daily life:

If you want to read the full report (also downloadable with a free account):

To go further

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CapGemini EFMA – World insurance report 2019

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