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Interactive Landscape

Dataviz serving a unique knowledge base

Our interactive landscape is a unique solution on the market worldwide, which will enable you to navigate easily through the big variety of existing innovative solutions.

About 1600 insurtechs have been identified and are currently under analysis according to our matrix in order to create the first database base to be the reference in the insurance sector.

Each startup is pinned by

  • the kind of innovation it provides
  • the technology it relies on
  • the business lines where they can have an impact
  • the steps of the insurance value chain they can support and improve

Solutions decryption

A multidimensional analysis

Startups identity cards

Get all information about a startup, including its business value addition, its financial maturity, solutions, pros & cons, etc.

Consult cards

Technologies cards

All you ever wanted to know about how machine learning of blockchain works! Do you wish to get essential resources to understand better what is at stake?

Get there

Business processes description

Discover which solution may have an interest for a given business process: improve the process, reduce costs, improve your business or the customer satisfaction.

Value chain and processes

Business line

Solutions classification according to your business line, either in the line or on-life sector : personal, commercial, health, etc

Le métier avant tout!


We provide full analyses of the main topics that mobilize the market: regulations, new concepts, partnerships, risks and opportunities, threats, etc.


Startups are ranked by the best international experts,… and by you!

We brought together a college of international experts who gave their opinion on the most interesting solutions. You too can vote to show your best

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